Why is Vitamin C an Important Ingredient in IV Therapy?

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What is a Vitamin C Infusion?

Vitamin C is one of the most popular IV ingredients. It is a powerful antioxidant that plays a vital role in various processes in the body. Without enough vitamin C, your body and brain can’t function optimally. You’ll feel the effects of vitamin C insufficiency in terms of your mood, energy levels, and immune health.

Here at Body R-N-R, we offer IV therapy for patients looking to improve their health and well-being naturally. IV therapy is one of the most effective ways to give your body the boost it needs. We’re going to take a look at vitamin C to see why it should be in your vitamin infusion.

Why Vitamin C in IV Therapy?

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is one of the most important vitamins in the human body. It is critical in the formation of fifteen different enzymes and involved in many bodily functions. Humans must acquire vitamin C from the foods we eat, as we are unable to make it in the body, as many other mammals are. We all know what happens to sailors who do not supplement with vitamin C- they get scurvy.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant. Antioxidants are compounds that fight free radical damage, oxidative stress, and inflammation in the body, which all cause a weakened immune system, cellular and DNA damage, and increase your risk of developing disease.

In fact, scientists believe that high levels of inflammation and free radical damage are the precursors to all diseases, as shown in a 2009 study that examined their relationship with cancer.

Vitamin C is a super nutrient for the immune system due to its role in white blood cell production. The strength of your immune system depends in part on what nutrients your body has access to – antioxidants like vitamin C being one of those. When your body doesn’t have enough vitamin C, you’re more likely to get sick.

Benefits of High-Dose Vitamin C IV Therapy Infusion

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At Body R-N-R we offer high-dose intravenous vitamin C infusion, which can achieve blood concentrations of vitamin C up to 100 percent higher than oral dosing. We consider high dose vitamin C as over 15 grams. To infuse more than 15 grams of vitamin C you must have a lab test called G6PD to ensure that you do not have a deficiency of this enzyme. High dose vitamin C therapy is often associated with cancer treatment, but may be beneficial with chronic viruses and bacterial infections as well. In fact, there has been recent interest of the use of vitamin C therapy in patients in critical care units, as improved outcomes have been observed.

Clinical trials in cancer patients has shown an improvement in quality of life and a reduction in cancer treatment related toxicity with the use of high dose vitamin C. In addition, studies have shown a decrease in cancer cell growth with the use of higher doses of vitamin C.

  • Maximum bioavailability – Intravenous infusions bypass the digestive system to enter the bloodstream in the most efficient way possible.
  • It’s painless, quick, and effective – Most people find it very relaxing!
  • Immediate energy and immune boost – You’ll feel better immediately, and protect yourself during flu season!

Vitamin C can lower blood sugar levels, which might be helpful in diabetes, but also a precaution in all individuals receiving high dose C infusions. Snacks need to be available should one experience low blood sugar.

Key Points in consideration of Vitamin C Therapy

1.     Vitamin C is an extremely important vitamin and must be acquired from the diet.

2.     Somewhat surprisingly, many Americans are deficient in Vitamin C despite normal diets.

3.     Low levels of Vitamin C can lead to poor skin tone and wound healing, damage to the teeth or gums, poor exercise tolerance, and fatigue.

4.     Vitamin C is important in the creation of many enzymes, in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects at lower blood concentrations. In higher concentrations vitamin C has pro-oxidant effects resulting in anti-infection and anti-cancer properties.

5.     Supplementation during cold and flu season can decrease the duration and severity of the common cold (viral illness), which is all the more important in highly active individuals.

6.     The recommended dietary intake is 200mg/day, which can be acquired from 5 daily servings of fruits and vegetables, oral supplementation, or intravenous infusions.

7.     IV supplementation can create blood concentrations of Vitamin C not possible with oral supplementation.

8.     IV supplementation of 2.5 to 10 grams results in decreased symptoms of fatigue, improved emotional and cognitive health, and improved physical endurance. It can also reduce the severity of side effects of many chemotherapeutic agents (without reducing their effectiveness against cancer cells).

9.     IV supplementation of 25 to 50 grams in a session can result in decreased inflammation markers in the blood, and early studies show it can slow the rate of cancer growth or lead to destruction of cancer cells.

10.  IV supplementation has been shown in many studies to be extremely safe and well tolerated without frequent adverse effects.

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At Body RNR, we’re well-versed in all things IV Therapy. We truly believe and practice what we preach. Our owner and operator, Alisa La Liberte MSN, RN and has a significant background in clinical research. Schedule your free consultation today to learn how you can use the Vitamin C IV Therapy, along with the other services we offer, to improve your overall health.



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