Foot Care & Natural Nail Care (Available starting June 2023)

Natural Nail Care

 What is Natural Nail Care?

Natural nail care is care of your nail in its natural form, meaning no synthetic chemicals have been used to thicken or lengthen your nail. As well,  no harmful glues are use to apply nail art. 

At Body R-N-R we aim to provide a non-toxic environment at our business, for the health of our clients and our providers. 

We are synthetic scent free. 

We have air filtration in every room. 

We use only organic or natural products.

We are chemical free. 

We are nurses, well educated and trained in many areas of foot and skin care. 

We offer many wellness services while you are having nail services such as: 

IV therapies 

B12 shots and intramuscular injections 

Lymphatic massage with the BallancerPro 

Shockwave Treatments & More


natural nail care
non-toxic manicure, Scottsdale

Manicures or Manifacials

Our goal is to treat hands and feet as well as we would treat your face. All treatments are given by nurses. Yes, all of our nurses are trained as not only foot care nurses, but are also trained in esthetics, dermaplaning, and medical-grade chemical peels. 

What does this mean? 

We spend time on your hands to improve the appearance of not only your nails, but from the fingertips to your elbows. 

How do we do this? 

We soak your hands as you would the feet for a pedicure with multi-step cleansing and exfoliation.

 Then we apply a mask to hydrate, or different products to address different concerns, such as wrinkles and age-spots. If desired, we can do a chemical peel. Warm mitts are used to drive hydration into the skin.

The last thing we address is your nails, with gentle treatment of the cuticles, and application of a non-toxic nail polish or even a therapeutic nail polish such as the Dr. Remedy line. 

We use non-toxic products only: Our guarantee to you that you will not absorb any harmful toxins via the skin. 

All Manicures range in price for $50-$100.

Pedicure, Medical Pedicure or Pedifacials

At Scottsdale MediPedi we love feet, and we care for your feet as a esthetician would care for your face and a podiatrist would care for your feet. We believe this is the perfect marriage of a medical approach merged with a spa-like experience. 

Some of what you might experience: 

We examine your feet completing a thorough foot assessment looking for ill-fitting shoes, the development of any problems from calluses to wounds. 

We soak your feet with all natural products with a gentle mechanical exfoliation, followed by treatment appropriate to the needs of your feet. We can remove corns and calluses and address other foot issues. 

We can apply a chemical peel if desired. 

Have you ever had a leg mask? Today you will have a hydrating foot and leg mask. 

Toenail fungus- no problem, we will trim down the nail, and apply a medical-grade nail polish that is breathable, allowing the application of anti-fungal over the polish (hiding the discolored nail). 

Speaking of nail discoloration, the Dr. Remedy line will not discolor your nails. We love it for that reason and so many more! 

All pedicures are tailored to you and range in price from $75 -$150

Non-toxic pedicures
Corns & Calluses, Scottsdale

Frequently Asked Questions

Why non-toxic nail care?

Well ladies (specifically, although not exclusively) think about all the products you apply to your body daily. Studies show on average it is no less than 12 products. How many ingredients do these products contain? Ten or more each? Can you pronounce these ingredients? Do you know what they are? More than likely you are applying toxic products to your body multiple times per day. We aim to reduce your toxic load. 

Why natural nail care?

All nail extensions that we are aware of use toxic chemicals to achieve the added nail thickness and length. If you know of a non-toxic product, please let us know. 

Why are nurses doing nails? ​

Body R-N-R has always been about merging the concept of wellness with spa. In fact, Alisa coined the term Well-spa; well, at least as far as she is aware of. 

The merger of wellness and spa comes together so nicely while you are in the BallancerPro pants and getting a manicure. Or in the BallancerPro jacket and getting a pedicure. 

And an IV can be placed in most circumstances (but not of course if you have the BallancerPro jacket on). 


How else is Scottsdale MediPedi different?

We have three treatment rooms, and a lobby where some services can be done. Bottom line, most services are done in private, in nicely appointed rooms and all with air filtration of different types; HEPA, Ozone, etc. 

Why are your Manicures and Pedicures more expensive than my local nail salon?

To start with, our products are organic and of very high quality. 

Too, we believe once you have experienced one of our manicures or pedicures, you will understand why the cost difference. For one, you will be interacting with US trained nurses that know more about the skin and nail structures. And will not only answer your questions about all things wellness, but treat you well throughout the experience. 

Our services are tailored to your needs and desires. Would you like an IV infusing while we are massaging your feet- no problem. Would you like to lay down and receive a lymphatic massage; we can do that too. 

We are here to help you achieve your end goal, whatever that may be.