Is the BallancerPro Safe for Post Op Lymphatic Drainage?

post-op lymphatic drainage Scottsdale.The BallancerPro is a hands-off lymphatic drainage massage system that is 60% more effective than manual lymphatic drainage methods. It mimics a manual massage but is more precise and consistent than human hands. This specialized garment slides on over your clothes and consists of 24-chambers that systematically and gently work on every area of the body. We’re often asked if this is safe to use for post-op lymphatic drainage. The short answer is yes. Let’s talk about it. 


How Does Surgery Affect the Lymphatic System?

The lymphatic system is, to put it simply, the sewage system of the body. This fascinating network of tubes that run throughout our bodies works hard to balance our fluid levels, clean bacteria, absorb some of the fats in our diets and so much more. You can learn all about it in depth in our blog about the Forgotten Lymphatic System. It certainly makes for some interesting nighttime reading. If you’re in a hurry though, there are a few key things to note regarding how surgery can affect the lymphatic system: 


      Secondary lymphedema can occur when there is soft tissue damage associated with trauma (for example, a mastectomy). This is caused by a disruption of the flow of lymph which can lead to swelling. 

      Swelling occurs with any injury to the body. Surgery is nothing but a doctor-controlled injury. This edema (swelling) in and around the surgical site is your body’s natural response to trauma.

      Lymph flow decreased – Anesthesia used during surgery has been shown to cause a “depressed lymph flow”. Using the sewage system analogy, suffice it to say that having a properly flowing lymphatic system is important. 

      Compromised immunity – Surgery in general decreases our immune system’s functionality. The lymphatic system is responsible for white blood cells called lymphocytes, which account for 20-40% of your body’s white blood cells.


What are the Benefits of Post Op Lymphatic Drainage?

Now that we have a solid understanding of how the lymphatic system is affected during and after surgery, let’s talk about the benefits of lymphatic drainage after surgery. You may have caught on to the trend of the importance of having a properly flowing lymphatic system. The general idea is that post-op lymphatic drainage massage increases your lymphatic flow. The benefits of a healthy lymphatic system extend beyond post-op but are especially helpful after surgery for: 


      Reducing swelling and inflammation

      Decreased bruising

      Flushing out anesthetics

      Boosting immunity

      Pain management


BallancerPro Benefits of Post-Op Lymphatic Drainage 

lymphatic drainage scottsdale.The best part about the BallancerPro is that it is a completely hands-off device that allows you to stay fully dressed while you receive your lymphatic drainage massage. This is especially helpful following surgery when simply getting dressed and undressed can seem like running a marathon. The BallancerPro treatment is so relaxing that some patients doze off and take a little nap during their session. It’s FDA-approved and used by professional athletes to look and feel better. The BallancerPro can calm the nervous system and provides quicker recovery times by flushing out lactic acids and toxins. 

The only small caveat to note is that if your surgery required staples, you would need to wait until the staples are removed before scheduling your BallancerPro session. Otherwise, you’re good to go for the best lymphatic drainage massage you’ll ever receive! As a bonus at Body R-n-R, you can combine your BallancerPro session with IV Therapy for added hydration and even more health benefits.


Ready to Take Advantage?

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