Facials & Dermaplaning


Body R-N-R uses only non-toxic and some organic skin care products from the FarmHouse Fresh brand

For optimal results we suggest adding a lymphatic drainage massage with the BallancerPro during all facial treatments. This hands off massage involves wearing groovy pants while your facial is being performed. BallancerPro boosts immunity and collagen, decreases cellulite, weight and muscle fatigue while improving circulation.

Body R-N-R believes in improving the body from the inside out!
lymphatic drainage massage with facial


Dermaplaning, also known as epidermal leveling, removes the top layer of skin (dead cells) & peach fuzz while stimulating new skin development. Removing this layer of dead cells allows all products to be absorbed more easily, resulting in a more smooth & glowing appearance- and a decrease in fine lines & wrinkles. It can be combined with a hydrating mask or a mild chemical peel. No downtime, no discomfort!

Wrinkle Buster Facial:

The wrinkle buster is our signature facial starting with dermaplaning. It includes a mild chemical peel and 15-minutes of acoustic wave therapy to plump and ulitmately minimze fine lines and wrinkles (with multiple treatments). Along with a Body R-N-R hand treatment plus a peel for lightening dark spots.