Do Nails Absorb Toxins?

non-toxic nail care

Why is Non-toxic Nail Care Important?

Nails are mostly made of keratin, a hard protein like substance. Nails can be sturdy but they are by no means nonporous, meaning nails absorb whatever substances you put on them. Thus. in recent years, there has been a surge in nail polish brands that are offering polish that is free of many of the common toxins.

The big three toxins to be concerned about are:

  1. Toulene- a skin irritant and known neurotoxin
  2. Formaldehyde- used to preserve things for a long-time, it is a carcinogen
  3. Dibutal Phthalate- on the dirty dozen list DBP is an endocrine disruptor and potentially harmful to the fetus

What is more Important: Your Health or the Longevity of Your Manicure?

This is only a question you can answer, but we at Body R-N-R take our own health, your health and the health of our practitioners, very seriously. To the extent possible we are a low-toxin environment with the use of nail polishes that are making an effort to keep everyone safe. So, the products we use are not just free of the big three, but free of 15 or more of the toxins found in nail polish. We even sourced a longer lasting polish that is vegan and cruelty-free, in effort to provide you with the lasting results you want while protecting you.

What lines of Nail Polishes are Used at Body R-N-R?

Manucurist Paris: A clean line that follows a strict black list that excludes toxic, sensitizing, petroleum-based or otherwise harmful ingredients.  The product is vegan and cruelty free. The Green Flash line is the first LED polish which replaces gel by offering long-lasting color and easy removal so you can stop ruining your nails! Up to 99% plant based the formulation uses ingredients such as corn, wheat, potato, sugar cane & cotton.

Manucurist Green Flash, Scottsdale

Dr. Remedy: This polish is also Vegan and formulated by a doctor, spawned while his wife was pregnant. Free of ten known toxins, the Dr. Remedy line uses wheat, tea tree oil, garlic bulb, biotin and Vitamin E, as well as other natural ingredients. This product is breathable allowing the application of the an anti-fungal under the polish as well as over the polish.

Dr. Remedy, Scottsdale

Ella & Mila-  born from the simple idea of creating an eco-friendly yet high-end product.  addition to being chip-resistant, quick-dry and high-shine, ella+mila nail colors contain no Acetone, Animal-Derived Ingredients, Bisphenol-A, Camphor, Ethyl Tosylamide, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Gluten, Glycol Ether of Series E (Gycol ethers derived from ethylene oxide), Nonylphenol Ethoxylate, Parabens, Phthalates (including DBP), Styrene, Sulfate, Toluene, Triphenyl Phosphate (TPHP/TPP), Xylene, making it a seventeen chemical-free product. Too boot, the color selection is the most broad with new colors arriving every season! 

17-free, Scottsdale

Zero – from the company 100% Pure comes Zero nail polish. Their claim: All 100% PURE™ formulations adhere to strict purity standards and will never contain harsh or toxic ingredients with colors derived from natural pigments from tea, fruits, vegetables and cocoa.

Zero, 100% Pure, Scottsdale

Can I use Nail Polish When Pregnant?

While low-toxic nail polish is a much better choice for everyone, it still might not be safe enough while you are carrying a developing fetus. You should discuss this with your health care practitioner.

In Summary, you can see we care about you and your nails. We use the best products and are continually evaluating our choices to provide the lowest toxic products available. Too, the care we show for your hands and feet is uncomparable to the nail salon down the street. Come in and experience the Body R-N-R difference.




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Alisa La Liberte, MSN, RN, Founder of Body R-N-R

Alisa La Liberte MSN, RN

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