Cellulite REDUCTION, Body Contouring & Weight Loss

Optimal Body Outcomes

Body RNR uses a combination of lymphatic massage with the BallancerPro,  Acoustic Wave Therapy AWT (aka shockwave), and IV Therapy – vitamins, minerals and amino acids to achieve your best body goals.

After any surgical procedure, liposuction or mommy makeover, lymphatic drainage is highly recommended to reduce swelling, bruising and to recover faster with optimal outcomes; less noticeable scars and a decrease risk of infection. In fact, the BallancerPro treatment before any procedure gives a big boost to your immune system and will help flush out surgical anesthesia, meaning you feel better post procedure. 

You can also dig deeper and learn more about why the lymphatic system is so important in our blog.

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Weight Loss & Cellulite Reduction with the BallancerPro Lymphatic Drainage System

We talk about the BallancerPro and why it should be a part of your health routine over on the blog. But let’s get into the specifics of how it can help with weight loss and cellulite reduction.

Fast weight loss results are achieved with an intensive approach of daily treatments for two weeks. 

Long-lasting results are obtainable over a period of two-months of making dietary changes, increasing exercise, regular BallancerPro sessions, coupled with Acoustic Wave Therapy targeting stubborn pockets of fat. Recommended treatments for the BallancerPro are 12 treatments over 4 weeks with weekly acoustic wave therapy. 

An additonal 4 weeks of weekly treatments may be required for optimal results. 

Packages can be tailored to your needs and time-frame. Schedule a free consultation! 

Before & After Lymphatic Drainage w/BallancerPro

Accelerate Your Cellulite Reduction & Body Contouring with Acoustic Wave Therapy

Body R-N-R Utilizes the Storz Duolith 200 Wave System

The Storz Duolith is the ONLY acoustic wave therapy device with three modalities: Cupping, Vibration and Shockwave. All three modalities will be used to treat cellulite and to contour the body of your desire. This is the best system on the market today!

Acoustic Wave Therapy

In addition to cellulite, AWT can also be used for body contouring as it improves skin texture and tone. Radial acoustic waves trigger several processes including flushing fat cells through the body’s lymphatic system and boosting collagen production. AWT can be used in any spot where there is fat accumulation. Improvement will be seen in as little as 2-3 weeks, with weekly sessions. For enhanced results consider adding the BallancerPro.

Click over to our blog for more details on Acoustic Wave Therapy, what to expect, and its benefits.

Packages can be tailored to your needs and time-frame. Schedule a free consultation!