Is Ozone Good or Bad?

Isn’t ozone pollution and if so, how can there be benefits to ozone? Ozone is the main component of smog, but it is also used therapeutically in medicine and there can be many benefits of ozone. How can this be? Technically speaking, ozone is a blue gas with 3 molecules of oxygen instead of 2 […]

What is Tendinitis and Bursitis?

Acoustic Wave Therapy: A Solution for Tendinitis and Bursitis If you find yourself with pain in your joints, two conditions that are common to blame include tendinitis and bursitis. Not only can these two conditions cause pain, but this pain then makes moving difficult, which can keep you from enjoying your life and accomplishing everything […]

Types of Pain, Cause of Pain and Pain Treatments

Types of Pain, Its Causes And Pain Treatments Every human being experiences pain. The question is, what type of pain are you suffering from and what is causing it? More importantly, do you have to use mainstream pain treatments like drugs or surgery, or are there other options? These are questions we answer in this […]

Earthing: The Practice of Connecting With the Earth for Healing and Grounding Purposes

What is Earthing? Research provides clear evidence that the Earth offers incredible healing benefits and many of us are missing out because our modern lifestyle includes wearing shoes that block Earth conductivity, sleeping on synthetic beds that are raised way above the ground, and living and working in high-rise buildings (1).  Earthing can most certainly […]

Alisa’s Cancer Blog

What is Cancer? According to the definition of cancer is a disease in which some of the body’s cells grow uncontrollably and spread to other parts of the body. (1) In normal circumstances old cells die and are replaced with new cells. Cancer develops when abnormal cells grow when they shouldn’t and grow in […]

Alisa’s Cellulite Blog

Yikes! My Mother has Cellulite! Does that mean I am going to have it too? When I was around the age of 20, my aunt made an uncharacteristically insensitive comment: “I hope you don’t have cellulite like your mother.” My mother had horrible cellulite from her knees to her nose. The kind of cellulite that […]

Looking Closely at Lymphedema

What is Lymphedema? According to the Mayo Clinic, lymphedema describes the swelling of body tissue that is caused by an accumulation of protein-rich fluid. This fluid, in usual circumstances, is drained through the body’s lymphatic system. Lymphedema most commonly affects the limbs, but can also affect the chest wall, abdomen, neck, and genitals (Mayo Foundation). […]

The Forgotten Lymphatic System: Is it Important?

What is the Lymphatic System? In common vernacular, you could say the lymphatic system is the sewage system of the body. If it were to stop functioning, you would literally drown in a sea of toxins and you would not survive long. More scientifically, the lymphatic system is comprised of a network of delicate tubes […]