Does Shockwave Help Erectile Dysfunction?

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Shockwave For Erectile Dysfunction? Shockwave therapy, or acoustic wave therapy,  is a medical treatment that has been around for many years. Practitioners frequently use shockwave as a non-invasive therapy for orthopedic injuries, kidney stones, and other applications. In addition, urologists have been treating erectile dysfunction (ED) with this technique. People with vasculogenic ED, a blood […]

Can Shockwave, Cupping & Vibration Therapy be an Effective Massage?

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Can Shockwave Therapy, Cupping & Vibration be used for massage? Absolutely. Vibration therapy feels amazing and is great at stimulating blood flow to muscles and other tissues. The vibration mechanism on the Storz Ortho Pulse 200 is unique. The V-ACTOR® Handpiece, offers vibration technology for the treatment of large muscles areas and specific muscle points. […]

Can Peripheral Neuropathy be Treated with Shockwave?

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What is Peripheral Neuropathy? Peripheral (away from the center) neuropathy is a result of damage to nerves that are located outside the brain and spinal cord. It can cause weakness, numbness and pain typically in the hands or feet. For patients with diabetic neuropathy, AWT (Acoustic Wave Therapy) provides considerable relief. It works so well […]

What is Tendinitis and Bursitis?

Acoustic Wave Therapy: A Solution for Tendinitis and Bursitis If you find yourself with pain in your joints, two conditions that are common to blame include tendinitis and bursitis. Not only can these two conditions cause pain, but this pain then makes moving difficult, which can keep you from enjoying your life and accomplishing everything […]

Types of Pain, Cause of Pain and Pain Treatments

Types of Pain, Its Causes And Pain Treatments Every human being experiences pain. The question is, what type of pain are you suffering from and what is causing it? More importantly, do you have to use mainstream pain treatments like drugs or surgery, or are there other options? These are questions we answer in this […]

My Mother Has Cellulite! Does That Mean I Will Have It Too?

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Yikes! My Mother has Cellulite! Does that mean I am going to have it too? When I was around the age of 20, my aunt made an uncharacteristically insensitive comment: “I hope you don’t have cellulite like your mother.” My mother had horrible cellulite from her knees to her nose. The kind of cellulite that […]