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Meet Alisa La Liberte MSN, RN

Alisa La Liberte MSN, RN began her career in 1992 at the VA Greater Los Angeles Health Care System, after being awarded a scholarship by the Veterans Administration. After four years in critical care, she earned an MSN at UCSF, as a Cardiovascular Clinical Nurse Specialist. Given Alisa’s background in clinical research it was important to her that any technologies used in her practice be backed by clinical studies. She was thrilled to find both Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT) and BallancerPro met her high standards.

On a personal note, Alisa experienced a shoulder injury in 2021 and remembered a friend had raved about Shockwave. Although skeptical, she found one treatment brought 80% relief to what turned out to be tendinitis and bursitis in her right shoulder. She was sold on Shockwave (aka Acoustic Wave Therapy) and even more impressed upon learning about the wide range of uses for the device at The Institute of Tissue Regeneration & Repair Conference (Denver, 2022).

Also, as a chronic Lyme sufferer, she has first-hand experience of what can go wrong when the immune system is not functioning optimally, and the lymphatics are sluggish. Alisa has become passionate about the importance of the lymphatic system, essentially forgotten about by medical professionals, and surely eclipsed by the cardiovascular system. It is her mission to educate everyone on the importance of the lymphatic system, and thus has given herself the moniker- LymphNurse.

She tries her best to keep her toxic load low by  only drinking filtered water or organic decaf coffee and eating organic, as well as using non-toxic or organic products on her skin and for cleaning her home and Body R-N-R. 


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